Monday, May 4, 2009

This Month of MAY on Mocha's Erotic Review

It's the month of May and Spring is in the air. Mocha's Erotic Review has some banging things happening on the site. New reviews from new authors new links open chats new publishers new reviews...... we have new everything so check what we have going on.

We will have chats schedule as soon as possible. We will have a few open chats but so far we haven't any author chats schedule but we hope that will change here soon in the coming week. We are trying to schedule something with author Jon Bradbury for this month along with Pat Cromwell

Mocha's Erotic Review has great deals going on for as advertising on the site too. We have proven so far in less then a year that we have the staying power like the other reviewing websites. The thing is we offer a lot to authors and publishers other reviewing sites don't for the money we charge. So hopefully we can now start bringing in some advertising for the site to continue to improve it and make it better.

Thanks to our great success we have more authors sending us reviews so we have some great reviews coming soon in the weeks ahead. But here is what is there this week so far on Mocha's Erotic Review

New Reviews Up Now:

Bad Azz Authors - Flame On Anthology (Interracial, Multicultural, Contemporary, Romance)

Laura Guevara - Weekend Chase (Interracial, Multicultural, BBW, Rubesque, Romance)

These two have made the Mocha's Erotic Review Guarantee Readers List

Coming Soon Reviews:

Kris Eton - The Opal Hunter (Interracial, Contemporary, Romance)

Dana Littlejohn - The God Silver Connection (Interracial, Paranormal, Romance)

New Author Bio Pages:

Laura Guevara
Pat Cromwell
Rae Lynn Blue
Shara Azod
Rena Marks

Featured Authors:

Eve Vaughn
Pat Cromwell

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