Friday, May 1, 2009


Mocha' Erotic has achieved one of it's major goals last night. We reached 100,000 HITS in our seven month run so far.

I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!! We never thought we would reach that many hits in such a short time. Our site has been up and running for less then a year and to have that many hits for a new site on the internet especially a site competing with other reviews site that have been up longer is freaking fantastic.

I cried when I seen our stats and couldn't believe my eyes I pinched myself several times to make sure I was looking at it right.

It warms the heart to know that our niche review site has such a huge following and in the months and years to come. It will just get bigger and bigger because peeps......WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The hard work that went into creating the site, promoting it, getting people interested hasn't been the easiest thing. The good thing is that because we are constantly looking for new fresh ideas, creative, innovative ways to get mocha's out there.

I think that is how we been able to be so successful in keeping Mocha's Erotic Review on peoples' minds. We are not trying to leave other wonderful authors out but there are so many people that love and prefer to read Interracial and Multicultural Erotic Romance so we wanted to cater to them and bring Interracial and Multicultural Erotic Romance to the mainstream. I am not sure if we have been successful in that but we will keep trying. The list of authors we have is always growing along with publishers we are providing more of these books wither in paperback, hardcover or electronic form.I feel we have been a small part of that growing increase.

I myself am thinking about if I can talk my partner in crime to do it. Throwing a virtual party and giving away some Mocha's Erotic merchandise for viewers and visitors. Not sure yet but will keep everyone posted.

We would like to thank everyone that visited our site and continues to visit the site. We know without the avid readers, visitors and authors our site wouldn't be so successful at all.

We will be celebrating this huge achievement for the whole month of May so you'll have to stop by the site to see what we will be doing

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