Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Its hard to believe we here at Mocha's Erotic Review have been up and running now for a year. A year of hard work blood, sweat and tears. We have came a long way from when we first started. We had a lot of people saying we couldn't do it but we have proven the haters wrong.

Mocha's Erotic Review is a force to be reckon with and we will continue to strive to be kick ass in bringing our viewers or should say fans the best Interracial & Multicultural E-book and Book reviews and authors.

This month kicks off our Paranormal/Halloween Featured Genre Theme with stories from Interracial & Multicultural authors like Raven Starr, Dahlia Rose, Jacqueline Banks Turner and many more

Our featured authors are Kei Swanson and Trice Hickman.

New reviews and chats from authors Shara Azod, Empress LaBlaque, Marie Rochelle and many more so stay tune

Mocha's going to be bring the fire this month to celebrate our first year!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Upcoming Calendar on the Site For Featured Genres/Themes

We will have a calendar posted on the site at the end of the week informing everyone of our featured genre/themes for the coming year.

This way any authors or publishers interested in their books being featured or them being featured can contact us.

This idea will help bring traffic as well as something new each month to our site. It gives us a chance to promote each genre/theme out there for our avid readers and viewers.

We will schedule chats, interviews, book reviews and giveaways around each month featured genre/theme.

So any publishers big or small interested due contact us. We are hoping Interracial & Multicultural Authors will be interested as well so contact us for more information.




Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Mocha's Erotic Review is celebrating BBW Divas on the site for the month of July. BBW stands for big beautiful women. We will have books and e books on the site threw out the month showing much love to all the women out there giving them their own month. We want fans, authors and publishers to help us in promoting our pride for these gorgeous women.

We will have new reviews featuring bbw heroines and the men that love them on the site. Our featured genre/theme page has a list of books available in ebook format and print form and we will be updating the list each week with new books from Interracial & Multicultural Authors all month long.

Rae Lynn Blue will be stopping by Mocha's to chat with us on July 26, 2009 7pm -9pm Eastern Standard Time.

We hope to have other chats lined up this month. There will be several new authors from publisher Lady Leo and more so do check them out.

New Reviews:

Candy Caine- Behind Closed Doors (Interracial Contemporary Romance)
Dominique LeSane- Seven Year Itch (Interracial Romance)

Coming Soon Reviews:

Rae Lynn Blue- The Onyx Scion (Interracial, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance)
Topaz Jordyn- Dream Lover (Interracial, Paranormal Romance)

Author Interviews:

Kendra Mei Chailyn
Lena Matthews
Laura Guevara
Sherrie McCarver

New Author Pages:

Sherrie McCarver

Dont forget to show some love for bbw month on Mocha's Erotic Review!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Chat with Jaxx Steele & This week on Mocha's Erotic Review This week on Mocha's Erotic Review


Ariel Tachna - To Have and To Hold: Paradise(Multicultural Gay Contemporary Romance)


J.M. Snyder - Play On (Interracial Gay Romance)

Terry O'Reilly - Walking In Two Worlds (Multicultural, Gay, Erotica, Contemporary Romance)


J.M. Snyder


The Custodian and Mr. Chapel by Terry O'Reilly (Interracial, Gay, Contemporary)

Mocha's Erotic Review is having a chat with Gay Erotic Interracial Author Jaxx Steele tonight at 6PM Eastern Time. We want to see you there tonight. So bring your coffee, your mocha, your tea and sizzling hot chocolate or vanilla to your computer.

For those publishers interested we have our advertising prices up so check out what Mocha's Erotic Review can offer you. The same goes for authors.


Friday, May 29, 2009

June is our First Official GLBT Pride Month

Mocha's Erotic Review is having its first ever GLBT Pride Month starting Monday June 1, 2009. We thought we give support to those authors who live and breath this genre as well as those real life Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgenders.

We are going to kick off the month with books and e-books that have been reviewed or going to be reviewed on our site for the entire month so do check out our Featured Genre to see what books are drenching or gushing.

We will be giving a way some gifts to those lucky viewers who join us during our author chats with Jaxx Steele, J.M.Snyder, Jacqui Applebee, and Ariel Tachne.

Mocha's Erotic Review is very excited about our GLBT Pride Month and all the goodies we will be providing our avid viewers. Don't worry will still bring other hot, and heated reviews from other authors.

We have interviews that will be posted weekly, different chats and reviews coming at you. Mocha's will be bringing the heat with our naughty by nature e-books and books. If you find something you like don't forget we have our own erotic book store for our U.S. visitors and Canadian book store for those here in Canada.

Here is what coming to you in June:


Jacqui Applebee
Ariel Tachne
Jaxx Steele
Remmy Duchene


June 5th - Jon Bradbury
June 9th - Jaxx Steele
June 13th - J.M.Snyder


Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh - Sealed With A Fist (Interracial, Multicultural, Fantasy, Romance)

Reana Malori - To Love A Marine (Interracial Contemporary Romance)

Remmy Duchene - Saddle Up And Ride (Interracial Gay Erotica Romance)

Jaxx Steele - Dreams Delivered (Interracial Gay Erotica Romance)


so if you want to submit a GLBT short story to be published on our newsletter Naughty Whisperings contact us or visit the site and submit your quickie


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Reviews for the Month of May

We just posted our last reviews for the month of May. Next month we will have a lot of things new happening so be prepare for all the excitement coming from us.


Pat Cromwell - Computer Love (Interracial Contemporary Romance)

Jon Bradbury - All For Love (Interracial Contemporary Romance)

We will be celebrating our first GLBT Pride Month of June so we are hoping our viewers visit the site to show their support and pride

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interview with Pat Cromwell & New Reviews

We had Interracial author Pat Cromwell to stop by the site to give us a fantastic interview. We sat down and chatted with the her about her current release and her up coming series she is working on.

So go check her interview out!!!!

Keeping our word we have our weekly updates with new reviews from different authors. This week we have two from the GLBT genre. One author is new to our site and some readers might of heard of him before so might not have. It was an honor to have him send us a review request for his new release.

Here our new reviews for this week:


J.M.Snyder - Caught off Base (Interracial & Multicultural Gay, Contemporary, Romance)

Jaxx Steele - Right Side of the Track (Interracial & Multicultural Gay, Contemporary, Romance)


Pat Cromwell - Computer Love (Interracial Multicultural Romance, Contemporary)

Jon Bradbury - All For Love (Interracial Multicultural Contemporary)


Pat Cromwell

Go visit the site and were taking submissions for our Naughty Whisperings for our GBLT pride month of June

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mocha's coming at you with its weekly updates!!!! We have two new reviews,
author bio's, naughty whisperings guarantee read's list up, and a open chat happening this week.

We have decide to try to post new reviews weekly to keep our avid viewers happy and give them something different to come back each time they hit us up every week. No many other sites can say that!!!!!!!


Kris Eton - The Opal Hunter(Interracial, Multicultural, Contemporary, Romance)

Dana Littlejohn- The God's Silver Connection (Interracial, Multicultural,
Fantasy, Romance


J.M. Snyder - Caught Off Base (Interracial, Gay, Contemporary, Romance)

Jaxx Steele - The Right Side of The Tracks (Interracial, Gay, Contemporary, Romance)


Shannon Leigh
Savannah Frierson
Veronica Blaque

We have a open chat coming up this weekend for those interested starting at 8pm
Central Standard Time to Midnight on Saturday 16th of May.

Our gurantee read's list is up on Naughty Whisperings. I dont want people getting their hopes up and think its going to be a long list. So far we have only had four stories that have made the list.

We are still looking for authors to add to our list of Interracial and Multicultural authors as well as publishers that sell this unique niche genre.

Monday, May 4, 2009

This Month of MAY on Mocha's Erotic Review

It's the month of May and Spring is in the air. Mocha's Erotic Review has some banging things happening on the site. New reviews from new authors new links open chats new publishers new reviews...... we have new everything so check what we have going on.

We will have chats schedule as soon as possible. We will have a few open chats but so far we haven't any author chats schedule but we hope that will change here soon in the coming week. We are trying to schedule something with author Jon Bradbury for this month along with Pat Cromwell

Mocha's Erotic Review has great deals going on for as advertising on the site too. We have proven so far in less then a year that we have the staying power like the other reviewing websites. The thing is we offer a lot to authors and publishers other reviewing sites don't for the money we charge. So hopefully we can now start bringing in some advertising for the site to continue to improve it and make it better.

Thanks to our great success we have more authors sending us reviews so we have some great reviews coming soon in the weeks ahead. But here is what is there this week so far on Mocha's Erotic Review

New Reviews Up Now:

Bad Azz Authors - Flame On Anthology (Interracial, Multicultural, Contemporary, Romance)

Laura Guevara - Weekend Chase (Interracial, Multicultural, BBW, Rubesque, Romance)

These two have made the Mocha's Erotic Review Guarantee Readers List

Coming Soon Reviews:

Kris Eton - The Opal Hunter (Interracial, Contemporary, Romance)

Dana Littlejohn - The God Silver Connection (Interracial, Paranormal, Romance)

New Author Bio Pages:

Laura Guevara
Pat Cromwell
Rae Lynn Blue
Shara Azod
Rena Marks

Featured Authors:

Eve Vaughn
Pat Cromwell


Friday, May 1, 2009


Mocha' Erotic Review.com has achieved one of it's major goals last night. We reached 100,000 HITS in our seven month run so far.

I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!! We never thought we would reach that many hits in such a short time. Our site has been up and running for less then a year and to have that many hits for a new site on the internet especially a site competing with other reviews site that have been up longer is freaking fantastic.

I cried when I seen our stats and couldn't believe my eyes I pinched myself several times to make sure I was looking at it right.

It warms the heart to know that our niche review site has such a huge following and in the months and years to come. It will just get bigger and bigger because peeps......WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The hard work that went into creating the site, promoting it, getting people interested hasn't been the easiest thing. The good thing is that because we are constantly looking for new fresh ideas, creative, innovative ways to get mocha's out there.

I think that is how we been able to be so successful in keeping Mocha's Erotic Review on peoples' minds. We are not trying to leave other wonderful authors out but there are so many people that love and prefer to read Interracial and Multicultural Erotic Romance so we wanted to cater to them and bring Interracial and Multicultural Erotic Romance to the mainstream. I am not sure if we have been successful in that but we will keep trying. The list of authors we have is always growing along with publishers we are providing more of these books wither in paperback, hardcover or electronic form.I feel we have been a small part of that growing increase.

I myself am thinking about if I can talk my partner in crime to do it. Throwing a virtual party and giving away some Mocha's Erotic Review.com merchandise for viewers and visitors. Not sure yet but will keep everyone posted.

We would like to thank everyone that visited our site and continues to visit the site. We know without the avid readers, visitors and authors our site wouldn't be so successful at all.

We will be celebrating this huge achievement for the whole month of May so you'll have to stop by the site to see what we will be doing

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Reviews & Continue Look 4 New Authors


Pat Cromwell- The Education of Simon Lane (Interracial, Contemporary Romance)

Dahalia Rose - The Song of Calypso (Interracial, Multicultural, Paranormal Romance)

Stephanie Morris - Better Late Than Never (Interracial Romance)

Coming Soon

Drea Riley & Lauara Guevara, Shara Azod & Rae Lynn Blue, Reid Randolph & Yazmin Taylor, and Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh
- Flame On Anthology (Interracial, Contemporary, Erotica Romance)

Laura Guevara -
Weekend Chase (Multicultural, BBW, Erotica Romance)


We are still looking for new Interrracial & Multicultural Authors for new book reviews, chats and interviews for our site. Doesnt matter if your just new or published get in contact with us.

We are taking quickie submissions for aspiring authors and published authors as well for our monthly newsletter go to Naughty Whisperings to find out how to submit your short story

So visit us at www.mochaseroticreview.com

Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking For New Interracial & Multicultuarl Authors To Review


We at Mocha's Erotic Review are looking for new Interracial & Multicultural authors for interviews, chats on the site, author pages, book reviews. We want to keep giving our avid members and visitors new authors to read and love.

Mocha's Erotic Review is about staying on top of the Interracial & Multicultural niche game. We love being the place to go for all things erotic in our niche market.

Are you a new author just starting out or a published author doesn't matter we WANT you at Mocha's Erotic Review. We offer great things on our site. So if you are interested do get in contact with us at mocha@mochaseroticreview.com.

The same thing goes for publishers wanting to get their authors reviewed. We have something for you as well.

Go check the site out and see what we have to offer and contact us if you are interested


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally after weeks of tinkering with the site like finding the right menu, organizing the pages, delays involving emergencies the site is back up.

We at Mocha's Erotic Review are back and better then ever. We have our new menu
up and running along with Naughty Whisperings.

We still have some kinks to work out like adding new things like updates to author pages, new reviews, video trailers, some links not working properly etc etc.

But the majority of the site is up and running. It still has the same color scheme but a more crisp, clean, simple and more professional feel to it. We know we have a long way to go in making the site better but we will get there.

Now what new things to expect on the site:

We have new reviews from T.J.Michaels - Jaguar's Rule (Interracial, Paranormal, Erotic, Romance) in an Anthology called Doing It the Hard Way with other well known authors Shiloh Walker and Madison Hayes

Jon Bradbury- Infidelity (Interracial, Contemporary, Romance)

Dana Littlejohn- Surge and Raine: A Mermaid's Tale (Interracial, Paranormal, Romance)

coming soon reviews from Interracial authors Stephanie Morris, Dahlia Rose and Pat Cromwell

Two new quickies from Carla S. Pennington The Dressing Room(Interracial, Lesbian, Erotic)

Wellsin Rowe Release(Interracial, Erotic)

New author page Stephanie Morris.

But Go Look At The Site And Catch Up with all the new stuff we have done!!!!!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mocha's New Look

Mocha's Erotic Review.com is going to have a new look next month. We decided to change our menu to make it easier for our visitors to navigate around our site.

We will be doing other changes like adding our own book club, a monthly contest that will give away prizes from authors, a visitors review.

Our book club will be threw our sister site Mocha's Naughty Whisperings and it be called the Naughty Erotica Book Club. It will feature all erotica in the niche of Interracial and Multicultural with all other genres.

The contest is called in Their Own Words its makes the reader or fan search threw our site and the author's site for words either in their blurbs, reviews etc. We hope to get lots of authors interested in doing this contest to promote our site and theirs bring traffic.

The readers review is a new idea of ours where the reader gets to review a book we have reviews but in their own words. The readers review will be posted on the site under ours (we will not post reviews that are negative to the author or has derogatory words)

Mocha's Erotic Review.com is still growing as a site and a company. We have tons of visitors hitting the site every day. So we feel changing the site around and adding new things to it to make us stand out is good way of growing.

We don't want to be like any of the other review sites we want to stand out and bring something fresh different and new to the table of erotic reviewing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Reviews On Mocha's Erotic Review

New Interracial and Multicultural Reviews

Jaxx Steele - Papas Knows Best (Interracial, Gay, Contemporary, Romance)

Empress LaBlaque - What Color Is Love?(Interracial, Romance)

Caramel Vixen - No Matter What (Interracial, Romance)

D.M. Dulton & Tigra Luna LeMar - Jennifer's Wager (Interracial, Romance, Contemporary)

We will be having an open chat on March ,2009 at Mocha's Erotic Review's chat room for avid readers, visitors, authors, publisher etc to chat with one another about Interracial and Multicultural issues, books, reviews, authors much more.

The virtual doors for the chat will be open at 7:30pm Central Standard Time for those early birds. So come join us at Mocha's

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chats with Interracial & Multicultural Erotic Authors

This month we have two authors from Lady Leo Publishing stopping by at our site mochas erotic review.com.

Lady Leo Publishing is a ebook publishing site. They cover all genres from romance to contemporary.

We have two of their authors Empress LaBlaque and Caramel Vixen this month of March hitting our chat room.

March 6, 2009
Empress LaBlaque
2pm- 4:30pm Central Standard Time

March 21, 2009
Caramel Vixen
3pm - 5pm Central Standard Time

We are having two open chats on the site for those just wanting to come together to chat with other avid readers of this niche genre of Interracial and Multicultural erotic other sub genres.

We hope to see a good many visitors stopping by to chat with the authors and other avid readers.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Is Mocha's Erotic Review


I am Dee Wills co-owner of Mocha's Erotic Review.com. The very first Interracial and Multicultural Reviewing site on the internet. We review erotic romance, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, historicals, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered books. We are about giving avid readers, viewers, visitors, etc a play to find authors, books,and chats with their favorite authors in this unique niche.

We provide reviews, author pages, chats, interviews and our own bookstore for those that love Interracial and Multicultural erotic romance.

Mocha's Erotic Review.com is all about showing love is color blind and beautiful in its many different forms. We are honored to be apart of a niche that is fastly approaching mainstream.

We here at Mocha's Erotic Review have only been up for five months and have grown greatly in huge leaps and bounds starting at 14,000 to 67,000 and counting. We know that what we are doing something not ever done and competing with other review sites that have been up on the net for years, but we have one thing the others dont(we have a huge market in our niche that expands from ages 18 to 69) Mocha's is also browser friendly and updates weekly where others only update monthly. We believe in keeping our avid readers and visitors up to date on what is going on with their favorite authors and the new books coming out.

I hope we can continue to bring our favor to the reviewing world.