Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interview with Pat Cromwell & New Reviews

We had Interracial author Pat Cromwell to stop by the site to give us a fantastic interview. We sat down and chatted with the her about her current release and her up coming series she is working on.

So go check her interview out!!!!

Keeping our word we have our weekly updates with new reviews from different authors. This week we have two from the GLBT genre. One author is new to our site and some readers might of heard of him before so might not have. It was an honor to have him send us a review request for his new release.

Here our new reviews for this week:


J.M.Snyder - Caught off Base (Interracial & Multicultural Gay, Contemporary, Romance)

Jaxx Steele - Right Side of the Track (Interracial & Multicultural Gay, Contemporary, Romance)


Pat Cromwell - Computer Love (Interracial Multicultural Romance, Contemporary)

Jon Bradbury - All For Love (Interracial Multicultural Contemporary)


Pat Cromwell

Go visit the site and were taking submissions for our Naughty Whisperings for our GBLT pride month of June

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