Monday, May 17, 2010

Mocha's Erotic Review New Reveal

It has been a while since anyone from Mocha's Erotic Review has blogged here on my-space. The reason is we have been arguing and fighting among ourselves about the new design of the website, the new pictures and logo etc etc. Until we have finally all agree on something.

We have changed the menu a bit took some things off, added and improved others. Never in a million years I though people would email us asking where have we been? Is the site done? When will you be back up again?

Those questions had me happy and inspired us here to bring something better then before and provide the niche market of Interracial and Multicultural authors and books to our visitors. It makes me happy that we have so many people out there that love our site. So with that said here the info anyone who reads this will need to know!!!!!


Mocha's is looking for new blood to showcase on the site new faces and aspiring authors in the Interracial & Multicultural scene. We are putting a call out for author Interviews, Chats and book reviews for our re-opening of Mocha's.

Not to mention we are looking for short stories for our Naughty Whispers aka Quickies for our visitors. Come showcase your talent and reach new readers for your stories.

Mocha's has prove we have staying power. We in least then two years has had over 250,000 hits world wide and have no attention of slowing down now.

So contact us if you are interested at