Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Is Mocha's Erotic Review


I am Dee Wills co-owner of Mocha's Erotic The very first Interracial and Multicultural Reviewing site on the internet. We review erotic romance, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, historicals, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered books. We are about giving avid readers, viewers, visitors, etc a play to find authors, books,and chats with their favorite authors in this unique niche.

We provide reviews, author pages, chats, interviews and our own bookstore for those that love Interracial and Multicultural erotic romance.

Mocha's Erotic is all about showing love is color blind and beautiful in its many different forms. We are honored to be apart of a niche that is fastly approaching mainstream.

We here at Mocha's Erotic Review have only been up for five months and have grown greatly in huge leaps and bounds starting at 14,000 to 67,000 and counting. We know that what we are doing something not ever done and competing with other review sites that have been up on the net for years, but we have one thing the others dont(we have a huge market in our niche that expands from ages 18 to 69) Mocha's is also browser friendly and updates weekly where others only update monthly. We believe in keeping our avid readers and visitors up to date on what is going on with their favorite authors and the new books coming out.

I hope we can continue to bring our favor to the reviewing world.