Monday, April 27, 2009

New Reviews & Continue Look 4 New Authors


Pat Cromwell- The Education of Simon Lane (Interracial, Contemporary Romance)

Dahalia Rose - The Song of Calypso (Interracial, Multicultural, Paranormal Romance)

Stephanie Morris - Better Late Than Never (Interracial Romance)

Coming Soon

Drea Riley & Lauara Guevara, Shara Azod & Rae Lynn Blue, Reid Randolph & Yazmin Taylor, and Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh
- Flame On Anthology (Interracial, Contemporary, Erotica Romance)

Laura Guevara -
Weekend Chase (Multicultural, BBW, Erotica Romance)


We are still looking for new Interrracial & Multicultural Authors for new book reviews, chats and interviews for our site. Doesnt matter if your just new or published get in contact with us.

We are taking quickie submissions for aspiring authors and published authors as well for our monthly newsletter go to Naughty Whisperings to find out how to submit your short story

So visit us at

Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking For New Interracial & Multicultuarl Authors To Review


We at Mocha's Erotic Review are looking for new Interracial & Multicultural authors for interviews, chats on the site, author pages, book reviews. We want to keep giving our avid members and visitors new authors to read and love.

Mocha's Erotic Review is about staying on top of the Interracial & Multicultural niche game. We love being the place to go for all things erotic in our niche market.

Are you a new author just starting out or a published author doesn't matter we WANT you at Mocha's Erotic Review. We offer great things on our site. So if you are interested do get in contact with us at

The same thing goes for publishers wanting to get their authors reviewed. We have something for you as well.

Go check the site out and see what we have to offer and contact us if you are interested

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally after weeks of tinkering with the site like finding the right menu, organizing the pages, delays involving emergencies the site is back up.

We at Mocha's Erotic Review are back and better then ever. We have our new menu
up and running along with Naughty Whisperings.

We still have some kinks to work out like adding new things like updates to author pages, new reviews, video trailers, some links not working properly etc etc.

But the majority of the site is up and running. It still has the same color scheme but a more crisp, clean, simple and more professional feel to it. We know we have a long way to go in making the site better but we will get there.

Now what new things to expect on the site:

We have new reviews from T.J.Michaels - Jaguar's Rule (Interracial, Paranormal, Erotic, Romance) in an Anthology called Doing It the Hard Way with other well known authors Shiloh Walker and Madison Hayes

Jon Bradbury- Infidelity (Interracial, Contemporary, Romance)

Dana Littlejohn- Surge and Raine: A Mermaid's Tale (Interracial, Paranormal, Romance)

coming soon reviews from Interracial authors Stephanie Morris, Dahlia Rose and Pat Cromwell

Two new quickies from Carla S. Pennington The Dressing Room(Interracial, Lesbian, Erotic)

Wellsin Rowe Release(Interracial, Erotic)

New author page Stephanie Morris.

But Go Look At The Site And Catch Up with all the new stuff we have done!!!!!!