Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mocha's coming at you with its weekly updates!!!! We have two new reviews,
author bio's, naughty whisperings guarantee read's list up, and a open chat happening this week.

We have decide to try to post new reviews weekly to keep our avid viewers happy and give them something different to come back each time they hit us up every week. No many other sites can say that!!!!!!!


Kris Eton - The Opal Hunter(Interracial, Multicultural, Contemporary, Romance)

Dana Littlejohn- The God's Silver Connection (Interracial, Multicultural,
Fantasy, Romance


J.M. Snyder - Caught Off Base (Interracial, Gay, Contemporary, Romance)

Jaxx Steele - The Right Side of The Tracks (Interracial, Gay, Contemporary, Romance)


Shannon Leigh
Savannah Frierson
Veronica Blaque

We have a open chat coming up this weekend for those interested starting at 8pm
Central Standard Time to Midnight on Saturday 16th of May.

Our gurantee read's list is up on Naughty Whisperings. I dont want people getting their hopes up and think its going to be a long list. So far we have only had four stories that have made the list.

We are still looking for authors to add to our list of Interracial and Multicultural authors as well as publishers that sell this unique niche genre.

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