Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mocha's New Look

Mocha's Erotic is going to have a new look next month. We decided to change our menu to make it easier for our visitors to navigate around our site.

We will be doing other changes like adding our own book club, a monthly contest that will give away prizes from authors, a visitors review.

Our book club will be threw our sister site Mocha's Naughty Whisperings and it be called the Naughty Erotica Book Club. It will feature all erotica in the niche of Interracial and Multicultural with all other genres.

The contest is called in Their Own Words its makes the reader or fan search threw our site and the author's site for words either in their blurbs, reviews etc. We hope to get lots of authors interested in doing this contest to promote our site and theirs bring traffic.

The readers review is a new idea of ours where the reader gets to review a book we have reviews but in their own words. The readers review will be posted on the site under ours (we will not post reviews that are negative to the author or has derogatory words)

Mocha's Erotic is still growing as a site and a company. We have tons of visitors hitting the site every day. So we feel changing the site around and adding new things to it to make us stand out is good way of growing.

We don't want to be like any of the other review sites we want to stand out and bring something fresh different and new to the table of erotic reviewing.

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